Tanah Lot & Bedugul Tour

The duration of the tour is 10 hours, if it is more than 10 hours, it will be charge the additional fee IDR 50.000 per hour. The price which is listed above includes the car, petrol, drivers, but it does not include the entrance tickets at tourism attraction.


Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple is one of the natural tourists’ attractions which located in the Mengwi village, Badung Regency, 18 km northwest of Denpasar. This temple has not only traditional architectures but also lotus and fish ponds in the area of this wide garden.


Luwak Coffee

Coffee Luwak is the coffee bean or specialty coffee that is digested by, fermented within, and then excreted by the palm civet—popularly called a luwak in Indonesia. These coffee beans have a different taste after being eaten and passed through the digestive tract of the mongoose or civet. Luwak coffee is very popular and the best coffee in the world.


Bedugul Botanical Garden

The Bedugul botanical garden is one of the natural tourists’ attractions which located in the Bedugul village, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency. This garden is very suitable for the tourists as a destination for doing botany research, conservation, recreation, and education. It also provides a place where the tourists can relax in a peaceful environment while learning about the function of plants according to daily life.


Beratan Lake

Lake Beratan is one of the natural tourist’s attractions located in the Baturiti village, Candikuning, Tabanan Regency beside of Mount Bratan and Mount Catur. This lake is the second largest lake in Bali that surrounded not only by beautiful gardens, but also water sports such as motorboats, jet skis, canoes etc.


Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the attractions in Bali which located in Beraban village, Kediri sub-district, Tabanan Regency. This temple is located on a large rock that as part of the Dang Kahyangan temple. Tanah Lot Temple is a sea temple worshiping the guardian gods of the sea. Tanah Lot is very famous to be visited because the tourists can see the sunset in the evening.

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